LinPHA Install/Usage Instructions (v. 1.3.2) 10. Jul. 2007







We do highly recommend the use of XAMPP for all Windows users. XAMPP is a complete package
including Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl... and is known to work perfect with LinPHA.
Please see apachefriends for details!



LinPHA contains a subfolder '/albums' where you MUST store your photos
Let's say, you wish to create some folders containing your holiday photos.
  1. You may create a subfolder named '/albums/holiday' in the LinPHA directory.
    And store all your photos there. This is ok, but not for many photos.
  2. So you may create other subfolders named by country, like
    '/albums/holiday/france' and '/albums/holiday/italy' and store your photos there.
  3. Since LinPHA features up to three subfolders you may also create
    something like: '/albums/holiday/france/bretagne','/albums/holiday/france/paris'
    and store the photos there...
  4. LinPHA also is capable of handle mixed subfolders which means, that a
    folder may contain both! pictures and other subfolders.


Since the names of the subfolders are used to build up the LinPHA menu
structure, you should name them the way you wish the album names to be
displayed in the menu.

Now that we have some subfolders containing photos, you should
point your browser to the LinPHA index.php (http://hostname/linpha/index.php)
If everything went well, you should see all of your mainfolders created
in '/albums' in the left menu.

You can now explore your pictures by navigate through the menu. Because
there are no thumbnails yet, it may TAKE SOME TIME until your pictures occur.
LinPHA has to create and store them in the SQL DB once.

WARNING: depending on your hardware it may take several minutes to complete
the creation of thumbnails!! (celeron 400MHz 1,5 thumbs/sec)

If you think LinPHA is missing a required feature, please make use of the feature request form at

If you READ all the above, you should click HERE to start install ;-)

enjoy, bzrudi71