Become A Member

If you are on active duty today, anywhere in the world, or have served during any eligible war eras, you are a veteran and you're eligible to become a Legionnaire!

Membership Eligibility Requirements

American Legion Membership Application

You may fill out the printable application and mail it to:

Please be sure to complete all areas of the application, sign it, and include your payment by check or money order.

Note:You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, fill out, and print the membership application it is free to download and use. You can download it from Adobe

Paid Up For Life Membership - PUFL

PUFL is Not A Discount Membership

The National Constitution & By-Laws of The American Legion is very clear that "there shall be no form or class of membership except an active membership, and dues shall be paid annually or for life." Everyone must pay their fair share to support the organization. The National Paid-Up-For-Life plan was established for convenience only, giving members an alternative to paying dues on an annual basis.

Post Receives Dues Portion Annually

That part of the total dues now being retained by the Post will be returned every year for all Paid-Up-For-Life members. Many Posts are purchasing Paid-Up-For-Life memberships for their long-time members, and in calculating the cost to remit, they may leave out their share of the dues...this will reduce the amount to submit with the application.

Must Be In Good Standing

The member must be in good standing to become a Paid-Up-For-Life be in good standing, the he/she must have a valid membership card for the current year. The Post Adjutant will certify that member's good standing before forwarding the application.

Application Process

The applications for Paid-Up-For-Life membership have to be completed and submitted to the Post Adjutant or Finance Officer for verification/certification. The member fills out the application and turns it over to the Post along with the appropriate payment, just the same as in paying annual dues. The Post will review and endorse the application, sends it on to the Department Headquarters, and from there to National for final processing.


The cost of a Paid-Up-For-Life membership is based on two factors - the member's age at the time of application and the current annual dues of the Post. The total dues of the Post include the Department and National per capita plus dues retained by the Post.

Click here to check the Paid-Up-For-Life Membership Rate Chart.

Click here to download the Paid-Up-For-Life Membership Application

For more information on the Paid-up-for-Life Membership Plan: See your Post Adjutant or Finance Officer or contact National at

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