Post 95 Programs

Avenue of Flags

Post 95 is proud to display over 250 full-size American Flags over the Memorial Day week-end in Liberty's Fairlawn/New Hope cemetaries. These Flags have been dedicated to loved ones, living and past, Veterans and non-veterans. Anyone who is dear to you may have a flag flow in their honor. Post 95 maintains the Flags and each has it's own pole with a nametag that honors your loved one. The Flags are also flown on other events such as the Liberty Fireworks Display on the Saturday prior to the 4th of July.

American Legion Flag Etiquette Program

Post 95 belives that no one really wants to display the Flag of Our Great Nation improperly; they just have never been taught the proper Flag Etiquette. We visit the area school 4th and 5th grades each year with our Program. This 45 minutes plus program includes a video on the proper displaying of the American Flag; a lecture; and question and anwser period. It's not just for kids. Post 95 has presented this program to many adult group too! The cost is free!! We do need your group to provide a VCR and TV for the video. All area groups, civic, church, etc. are encouraged to use this program.

Honor Team

The Post 95 Honor Team provides Military-type funeral graveside services for our fellow Veterans. This can include folding and presenting the burial Flag to the next of kin; firing squad firing 3 volleys; and the playing of taps. The team may or may not be assisted by active duty personnel. These arrangements are usually made by the Funeral Director. Other types of services are available upon request.

American's Veterans Program

Post 95's newest program is the American Veterans Program. This program is geared to youth of Middle or Junior High School age. It starts with an introduction and then a very good video tape. Questions are taken and answered by attending Veterans, usually 4 to 8 Post members attend. The only question that is not allowed is "Did you ever have to kill (or shoot) anyone. This is explained to the kids as a question that should never be asked of a Veteran or a Police Officer. This is also open to any group and a VCR and TV are needed for the presentation.

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